Our Sales Process

One of the advantages of being in the Real Estate business for so long is that we’ve been able to find a method to sell houses quickly, efficiently and for a price that is at or above market value. Over the years and through our own personal investments, we’ve been able to distill a process that’s been proven effective over thousands of real estate transactions

  • Price: When it all boils down, the most important thing is extracting the most amount of value out of a home but the other side of that is pricing it so that it won’t sit on the market for longer than the average house in your area is for sale. The Nunez team will do an in depth analysis of your home’s value in conjunction with other similar homes in the area to price your home to be competitive with other homes for sale while still getting you the most value for your home.
  • Condition: One of the primary things that sets your homes selling value is its condition. Our team has sold over 300 homes that belonged to them individually. They’ve been able to cultivate significant knowledge in what, if any, repairs need to be done to maximize your homes value and get the highest return on the final investment into your home.

  • Market: The current Real Estate market happens fast because information is available faster than ever. The Nunez Team will use its extensive knowledge to photograph and post your home to as many sites as possible once your final investments have been made into your home. Our goal is to get your home in front of as many people as possible through standard Real Estate websites, our extensive network of colleagues, social media and print marketing.
  • Negotiate: Negotiation is a skill that needs to be cultivated over years. With as many transactions as the Nunez Team as completed, we’ve been able to sharpen this skill to know what you can and cannot do to not only get the highest offer on your home but to get it to close escrow in a timely manner. This includes mitigating your final investment into your home as much as possible.

  • Close: One of the most reassuring things in selling your home is knowing what is happening in the process. The Nunez Team prides itself on its communication with sellers so that they always know what is being done, what offers are on the table, what their obligations are and when they can start packing!