The Nunez Team Story

In 1986, while in his early twenties, Mike started his real estate career. His goal was to help first time home buyers accomplish their dream of owning their own home while also enabling Mike and his wife, Irma to buy their first home.

As Mike Progressed, he moved to another office to learn more and grow as a Real Estate Agent. In 1989, after some success, Mike stumbled upon the opportunity to become owner of a small real estate company in Upland. Seeing a great opportunity, Irma decided to leave the banking industry, and join Mike in their Real Estate business. Little did they know that this was when the real journey would begin.

Mike and Irma’s small office found great success and in 1993 they joined Re/Max in Rancho Cucamonga. Within the next year, due to unforeseen circumstances, they moved their real estate practice to Re/max Top Team in Ontario. It was at this office that The Nunez Team was birthed, and Mike and Irma started to grow their team.

They grew from having one assistant to owning Re/max Top Team in Ontario with over 40 staff and agents. As their success continued through 2004, they acquired a commercial building. That was when they decided to leave Re/max to open an independent office. The Nunez Team Real Estate was a “One Stop Real Estate Shop,” with its own in house, mortgage, escrow, property management and investment companies.

The investment company became a particular love of Mike’s and from 2009 to 2013, Mike and Irma purchased hundreds of homes for short term flips and long-term rental investments, some of which they still own today. Towards end of 2013, they decided to sell their building and use the opportunity to take a year sabbatical. After the year of change in pace, their appetite for real estate began to call them back. They regained momentum in their investments and real estate sales under Re/Max Time.

Over the past 30 years, they have been blessed to help over 3,000 families buy and sell their homes. Their goal is still the same, to help people accomplish their Real Estate dreams. Real Estate is Mike and Irma’s passion and they look forward to working with you.